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Welcome to the MINOX Comfort Service registration form

This registration form is exclusively for customers outside the USA and Canada.

If you purchased your product in the USA or Canada but reside elsewhere, please fill out this form.

For residents of the USA or Canada, please use ONLY the following form:

MINOX Total Coverage Warranty Registration

Only the following products are covered by the MINOX Comfort Service:

ZP*, ZE and ZX5 riflescope series
HG, BL, BV and BN binocular series
BD 7x28 IF
MD spotting scope series

*Owners of ZP Riflescopes: Please contact to find out more about further exclusive warranty terms for this line of riflescopes.

Products NOT listed here are NOT covered by the MINOX Comfort Service.

After registering your purchase, you will immediately benefit from the advantages of our MINOX Comfort Service. From the date of registration, your product will be protected against manufacturing defects and functional failures for a duration of 30 years. Please remember, your product must be registered within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Please note: Detachable oculars and all accessories such as cases or covers, rain guards, lens caps, etc. which might be included within the scope of delivery, as well as all analogue or electronic devices integrated into the product such as a digital or analogue compass or illuminated reticle, are not covered by our warranty. MINOX will cover the material costs only for all mechanical and optical components – the labour costs must be covered by the customer.

Should your covered MINOX product ever require warranty service, MINOX will repair or replace it to the original owner with a same or equivalent product subject to the discretion of the MINOX headquarters in Germany. Claims must be accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase and a printed copy of the verification email you will receive upon completion of this registration form.

MINOX will decide in each individual case whether a repair or a replacement of your product is required. Cosmetic damages or blemishes which do not affect the functionality of your device are not covered in this service. Excluded are also wilfully or grossly negligently caused damages.

Any unauthorized modifications made to the MINOX product will void this warranty.

Download Terms and Conditions (PDF file)